A little Drama for the children in Llanelli

Had a little drama today!

Larna went along today to a local Drama, dance and singing group at Coed Cae gym to see what the dram was all about.

My little drama Queen Larna
Drama Queen Larna, Drama club Llanelli, theatrical group Llanelli – Swansea- neath Mumbles

Larna was greeted by the wonderful Mr Andrew Bowen (Also available to book as Mr Bubbles a firm favourite clown show that has brought joy to parties for 17 years+) who is the man behind this marvelous group along with his team who seem to be prepared putting up with our little lovely Larna.

After a little settling in time Larna was happy to join in with all her new found friends in the group.

The KITE  Kreative Imaginations Theatrical Experience

Kite Drama dance sing group, dance group Llanelli Swansea Neath Mumbles
Drama group for your children in Llanelli – Swansea – Mumbes -Neath.

The group runs at various venues across Swansea, Llanelli, Neath and Mumbles. You can visit their website http://www.kitetheatre.co.uk/Kite-Theatre-More.html  for more details and arrange for your child or your children. Children Aged 5+ May attend this wonderful group.

Great way to bring confidence to your little ones and get them to socially interact with many others.

Andrew Looks forward to hearing from you and remember to mention how you found him!!!

At Rclean Wales We aim to bring you interesting news that is key to our local environment for both adults and children. I hope you return regularly to view what is going on in Llanelli Swansea Neath Carmarthen and surround areas


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