Llanelli lower trostre road car crash through front gardens

Sunday morning thankfully. A school morning could have seen pedestrians seriously injured. Lower trostre road Llanelli has sadly seen many serious accidents.

Car accident lower trostre road,  car crash llanelli
car crashed through garden wall in Llanelli

The loss of life also over the years so tragic and so unnecessary.

Thankfully the passenger and driver escaped with minor injury after this accident.

Emergency services called to deal with accident on Lower Trostre Road Llanelli Sunday April 21st 2013


Although a traffic calming measure was implemented accidents are still occurring.

Resent resident meetings to try to lower the speed to which vehicles travel along this very busy section of road where forwarded and a change in the current layout is needed to bring the likely hood of incidents to a minimum. The proposal has been made but will the paperwork be too late. The thought of another tragedy on this road pains us all.

Why not a triple set of traffic lights as a control system to allow pedestrian to cross safely!

Not only would this allow people to cross to the school it would slow vehicles and allow side street junction flow safely on this again very busy road section.

Speed cameras slow downhill traffic but  then accelerate away once passed the markings.

Time for road safety for all users. Disabled residents fear being restricted from leaving their homes and children face dicing with death along the road.

Heads up on this one.

Will we now see changes to the traffic calming to help reduce anything like this crash happen again on one of Llanelli’s roads.

We will keep you up to date on news as it comes in.

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