Residential Window Cleaning Services

Cleaning residential windows
Residential window cleaning services

Rclean Wales understand that so many of us lead very busy lives. Time can be so precious and time saving even in a small way can allow us all to get a little free time to relax. Window cleaning can free up this.

We can help to provide you with a proficient regular window cleaning service for any residential properties or commercial property. We can set up methods to inform you of our visits in advance, we also provide simple payment methods.These save you loss of time.

Delivery of  a professional, regular and reliable window cleaner services that you can trust and rely upon, we feel we offer you our window cleaning at fair rates and are priced accordingly to suit your property size, window cleaning frequency, property location and access requirements. Delivering high quality window cleaning using specialist cleaning techniques, purified water, soft bristled brushes, high reach hybrid poles, on board water tank and filtration system to spotlessly remove the dirt from the glass and frames in all reachable areas.

Safety is a key part of the window cleaning industry and it’s improvements help in reducing accidents, injury and allow cleaning of windows safely from the ground floor. Not only has the safety improved but the introduction of water fed pole cleaning has allowed the cleaning of windows without the need for detergents, this in itself quickly highlighted a real positive in that because no soap is used the glass is left without sticky residue which had previously meant cleaning in the rain was not really possible due to the spotting caused by the soap. These days we are now able to clean effectively in the rain as rain itself carries very little dirt with the exception of occasional weather fronts that are sometimes known as “Sahara Rain” .

“Delivery of window cleaning services can be effected by adverse weather and these may include heavy winds or subzero temperatures”.

We do try to combat where ever possible loss of the window cleaning rotation, this is not always within our control. We will try to visit as soon as is possible to clean your windows. 

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  1. Hi There,

    How much would it cost to clean a single domestic house once a month in Llanelli? We are situated in Raby Street

    1. Cost per clean is dependant on time required to clean your property, we can try to ascertain the time necessary after an inspection of the property.
      We hope you will find our rates very reasonable and take into consideration the quality of cleaning provided by our cleaners too.
      We have found by getting cleaners that have an attention to detail and a firm understanding of what each client wants to achieve from their cleaning services.

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